Heavy Machinery Theft: A Major Challenge for the Industry

19 April 2024

Thefts of heavy machinery, such as mechanical diggers and other construction equipment, continue to pose a significant challenge for the industry. These assets, often left on isolated or poorly monitored construction sites, are prime targets for thieves, causing considerable financial losses for businesses. To combat this scourge, Axia offers two technological solutions: the TRAX GPS and the ONYX GPS, each providing effective management and protection of your assets.

Direct Installation and Real-Time Monitoring with TRAX
The TRAX connects directly to the vehicle’s OBD2 port, facilitating quick and easy installation. Specifically for CUMMINS diesel engines, the TRAX requires an adapter, as it is powered by the vehicle’s battery.

Flexibility with the ONYX Magnetic GPS
The ONYX, a magnetic GPS model with a 30-day battery life, offers maximum flexibility. Quick to move and install on another machine, it perfectly meets the changing needs of fleet management.

Why Invest in Axia’s TRAX and ONYX GPS?
Investing in TRAX or ONYX GPS means opting for enhanced security for your costly and essential equipment. At just $15 per month, each device provides optimized fleet management, reducing theft risks and thus increasing the durability and profitability of your material investments. These devices are crucial for any company looking to effectively protect its resources on increasingly theft-prone construction sites.

Axia’s TRAX and ONYX GPS systems are not just tracking tools; they represent a comprehensive solution that protects your assets while simplifying the daily management of your heavy and compact equipment. TRAX, with its adapter for CUMMINS diesel engines, and ONYX, with its placement flexibility, together offer optimal versatility and efficiency to meet all your tracking and security needs.