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Frequently Asked Questions

Products sold generally have a 90-day warranty following purchase. For more information about the warranty that applies to the product you are interested in, we invite you to contact us.

Most warranties cover product-specific malfunctions or defects in materials and workmanship that affect overall performance. Please note that any modification or alteration made to the product, which transforms it from its original state, will automatically void the warranty. The same applies to misuse or physical breakage. If you fail to provide the necessary maintenance to the product, the applicable warranty will not cover it.

When purchasing a product, we provide you with a complete user manual at all times. We also offer free basic support if you encounter a problem with the installation of your GPS. You can get this support in store or by phone. We offer professional training if your technical knowledge is limited and you wish to obtain more advanced training. We offer our professional training course at a flat rate. Please feel free to reach out to our team for further information.

Depending on your use, you may wish to consult a lawyer. These professionals are the best equipped to advise you on the legality of a product's use.

User tutorials

Would you like to learn more about the features offered by the Axia interface? Consult our tutorials in order to have all the information in hand and use your device in an optimal way.

Create a new user

Create geofences

Activate the tracking tool

Enable real-time tracking

Access reports

Find the OBD2 port

Notifications Tab


Fix your Blurry Unit

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