Axia GPS vs. AirTag: The Solution for GPS Fleet Tracking

gps axia vs airtag
5 February 2024

In a world where precise asset tracking is essential, choosing the right technology for fleet vehicle tracking is crucial. Some wonder if Apple’s AirTag, an economical device, can compete with professional solutions such as Axia GPS systems. 

Let’s explore why Axia GPS is the ideal GPS tracking system for fleet management needs.

Limitations of Apple’s AirTag in a Professional Context

Limited Range and Accuracy

AirTag relies on Bluetooth technology, which is convenient for locating nearby objects.  However, it proves insufficient for the remote tracking required in fleet management.

Dependence on Apple Network

To locate an object, the AirTag must be within range of other Apple devices. This is a major limitation for the constant and precise tracking of professional vehicles. 

Axia fleet tracking systems use a cellular network through a programmed and integrated SIM card in the device. This provides them with extensive transmission coverage and independence from the Apple network.

Lack of Advanced Features

Unlike Axia GPS, AirTag does not offer essential fleet management features. Easy to use, Axia GPS units include real-time data tracking, activity reports, or geographic alerts. 

Additionally, Axia GPS systems provide verification of travel history, vehicle speed, stop times, and battery status. These details are accessible via the Axia GPS mobile app or online portal, offering comprehensive and detailed fleet management.

Axia GPS: Designed for Professional Needs

Axia GPS Models Trax and Onyx

The Trax GPS model provides continuous power by connecting to the OBD2 port. On the other hand, the Onyx offers great placement flexibility thanks to its long-life battery and powerful magnets. 

Accuracy and Real-Time Tracking

Axia GPS are distinguished by their accuracy of up to 5 meters and their real-time GPS tracking capability via the 4G LTE network. These features are essential for reliable tracking.

Detailed Reports and Trajectory History

Users benefit from a complete history, customizable reports, and alert configurations for specific areas, optimizing management.

Advantages of Axia GPS for Fleet Management

Durability and Reliability

Axia GPS are robust, designed to withstand tough conditions, unlike AirTag, which is more oriented towards personal use.

Centralized Fleet Management

The Axia platform allows for centralized management of multiple vehicle tracking devices, offering a complete and improved control to fleet managers.

While Apple’s AirTag may be useful for personal use, it does not meet the criteria of fleet tracking. With their cutting-edge technology, robust design, and specialized features, Axia represents a complete tracking solution tailored to the needs of fleet tracking.

For more information on Axia GPS and how they can meet your specific fleet tracking needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized demonstration.