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Ensuring the safety of your vehicles begins with quality equipment. Whatever the use required in terms of GPS location, Axia offers a complete array of devices that will meet your needs.

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If you own a truck fleet, the TRAX tracking system is ideal to ensure the security of your goods. Obtain the precise and real-time GPS location of your employees on the move. 

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For commercial or domestic use, the ONYX GPS tracker is the ideal solution. Discreet in appearance, it allows you to track the route of a vehicle in real time.  

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Whatever vehicle you need to locate, Axia GPS has the ideal solution!

Whether for industrial, commercial or recreational use, ONYX and TRAX GPS units offer unrivalled accuracy and weather resistance. They’re the solution for all your tracking needs. Get GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) for vehicles on the move, with accurate updates down to the minute.




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About Axia

The Axia product line offers solutions that make your life easier and give you peace of mind. Most notably thanks to the installation of tracking devices on your company’s fleet. Whether it’s for smaller vehicles or huge trucks, the devices offered by Axia will meet your business needs. 

Products sold exclusively by Spytronic Security Inc., this equipment is synonymous with quality and reliability. Get accurate movement updates thanks to real-time tracking of the people under your responsibility. Whether your children or your employees borrow your car, you can keep track of their whereabouts with our solutions.

Thanks to our partnership with Telus telecommunications company, your Axia GPS tracking device will support your business operations everywhere. You’ll be able to track your vehicles quickly and easily, in real time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We ship internationally. However, delivery costs may vary slightly depending on your location.

When you're ready to install the GPS, you can activate your device by clicking on Activation. After creating your account, you can begin configuring the device. For more information on how to use the application, please consult the User tutorials provided. Thanks to this technology, you can get decimal degrees and convert them into minutes/second degrees.

The TRAX tracking device primarily targets companies that operate a substantial fleet of large vehicles. For example, a company with several trucks to its credit could use the TRAX system to monitor its equipment.

The ONYX tracking system is more intended for companies with smaller fleets. Thus, a business using small vehicles such as cars or pick-ups would be likely to use the ONYX device. We recommend a car GPS tracker for domestic use as well in order to reassure anxious parents. The Onyx device makes it possible to keep track of the user's movements. Most notably when using a borrowed vehicle such as their parent's.

Products generally have a guarantee period of 90 days, which starts on the purchase date. Contact us to learn more about the warranty that applies to the product you are looking for.

If you doubt the legality of your use of the device, we suggest you turn to a lawyer. These professionals are the best qualified to assess the legality of your installation and your usage of this type of device.