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Ensure your vehicles' safety with our high-quality and efficient GPS tracking solutions. Axia offers specialized devices, each crafted for optimal tracking performance and reliability to meet your diverse needs.

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For truck fleet owners, the TRAX tracking system is the perfect solution to secure your cargo. Gain precise, real-time GPS insights into your employees’ locations while they’re on the move.

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Whether for business or personal use, the ONYX GPS tracker offers an unmatched solution. Its discreet design enables you to monitor a vehicle’s route in real-time seamlessly.

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Whatever vehicle you need to locate, Axia GPS has the ideal solution!

For industrial, commercial, or recreational use, ONYX and TRAX GPS systems excel in accuracy, swift deployment, and efficient report extraction. These devices are your ultimate solution for all tracking needs, providing precise GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) for vehicles on the move with minute-by-minute updates for comprehensive oversight.




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About Axia

The Axia lineup provides solutions that not only ease your life but also enhance your peace of mind, particularly through the deployment of tracking devices across your company’s fleet. Suitable for vehicles of all sizes, from small cars to large trucks, Axia’s devices are precisely crafted to fulfill your business needs.

Offered exclusively by Spytronic Security Inc., our products embody quality and reliability. Gain accurate movement updates with our real-time tracking, allowing you to efficiently monitor both your children and employees when they use your vehicle.

In partnership with Telus telecommunications, the Axia GPS tracking system bolsters your business operations, enabling quick and easy tracking of your vehicles in real time. This capability ensures heightened efficiency in managing your fleet, keeping you ahead in operational control and responsiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We ship to Canada and the United States. Axia products are functional in Canada and the USA, depending on Telus network coverage. However, users can access their GPS from the Axia platform and app anywhere in the world. Please note that shipping costs may vary based on your specific location within these countries.

To initiate your GPS setup, activate your device by visiting the Activation page. Once your account is created, you're set to start configuring your device. For detailed guidance on utilizing the application, please refer to our User Tutorials. This advanced technology allows you to obtain coordinates in decimal degrees and effortlessly convert them to degrees/minutes/seconds format.

The TRAX tracking system is suitable for a wide range of users, from individuals needing to track a single vehicle to businesses managing a large fleet of vehicles. It provides a flexible solution for effective monitoring, whether for personal use or for overseeing the operations of an extensive fleet. Keep in mind that this device is powered directly by the vehicle's battery and is permanently installed, so there's no need to remove and recharge it periodically.

The ONYX tracking system is designed for businesses with smaller fleets as well as for individual users. Moreover, the ONYX device is also an excellent choice for personal use, making it easier to track movements, especially valuable when a vehicle, such as a parent's car, is used by someone else. Keep in mind that this device features rechargeable internal batteries and allows for easy and quick transfer between vehicles, simply by manually removing it and attaching it elsewhere thanks to its magnets.

Our products typically come with a 90-day guarantee from the date of purchase. Please note that if the device is altered, damaged, or if the stickers are removed, the warranty will then be considered void. For specific details regarding the warranty applicable to the product you're interested in, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

If you have any concerns regarding the legality of using our devices, we recommend consulting with a lawyer. Legal professionals are best equipped to assess the legality of your installation and usage of this type of device.