About Axia

Axia offers a specially designed range of GPS products tailored for active monitoring of your assets while in transit. These solutions ensure you can track your assets' movements accurately and reliably, providing peace of mind and enhanced security for your valuable resources.

A story of passion

Behind the sale of surveillance products hides a story of passion. Our team actively perfects its knowledge to provide customers with solutions perfectly adapted to their reality.

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The foundation of our surveillance product line is not just about sales; it’s rooted in a deep passion. Our team is dedicated to continuously enhancing their expertise to offer solutions that are precisely tailored to fit the unique realities of our customers.

This commitment to excellence and understanding ensures that we deliver not just products, but real, impactful solutions.

Exclusive Products at Spytronic Security Inc.

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Spytronic Security Inc. takes pride in being the exclusive provider of TRAX and ONYX GPS systems, showcasing our specialization in the sale and rental of premium surveillance equipment.

Whether you’re in need of counter-surveillance solutions, wiretap detection tools, or other advanced security measures, Spytronic stands as the premier source in the Greater Montreal area and beyond. Trust us to equip you with the leading-edge tools necessary for your security and surveillance needs.


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